The Return of Brazilian Schwarzenegger.

After spending the first part of my day doing such mundane things as buying socks at the mall and drinking a vanilla latte at starbucks for an hour while analysing my life, the most unexpected thing happened to me….. I crossed paths with my old Brazilian co-worker from my days working as a bartender at the Xebec back in 2004/early 2005, Alex Da Silva. I hadn’t seen him since probably December of ’04 or January ’05 (so,.. it had been 3 and a half years). The funny thing was I saw him at the safeway in Linda Mar, where I never go. I was only there because the safeway in Manor was out of boneless chicken breast and I was planning on cooking up one of my favorite meals later….chicken with stuffing. The fact that I would go all the way down to Linda Mar to buy boneless chicken breast is pretty unusual in itself. So,… as I was walking past the check out stand and getting ready to shop with my basket, I hear, “Paul?”…. and I turn and look at this rugged looking guy with a scruffy face and long hair. For a few seconds it didn’t register immediately, but then, it hit me,…. “Oh my god! Alex! The guy with the uncanny resemblence to Arnold Schwarzenegger”. I pretty much dropped what I was doing and we went back to his house nearby to just chill out and catch up. He had been living in Linda Mar for the last 3 years.

At one point, I showed him the livejournal entry I wrote about him back on December 2nd, 2004:

“Last night I hung out with my Brazilian Surfer Co-worker (the guy who looks like Schwarzenegger)at his apartment near the Potrero Hill Housing Projects. We were going to go to a Brazilian party, but he puffed on a curious cigarette which made him lazy and therefore we stayed in and watched “About Schmidt”. This was after he brought out his acoustic guitar and gave me a private bossa nova concert, which was really good. Chilling to some live acoustic bossa nova ain’t too bad for a Wednesday Night.”

So,.. after Me and Alex start writing a song just for the hell of it, his unbelievably and amazingly smoking hot Filipina friend comes over and they head to my place, where we meet up with Martin and Medders before moving on to the Seahorse and Winters (both places he’s never been to despite living in Pacifica for 3 years). It was just a completely random and weird night. I was a little down earlier in the day just because I feel my life could be so much better and I am lacking some things that would make me happier, but the sudden and unexpected reappearance of Brazilian Schwarenegger knocked me out of the doldrums of made things interesting around here. Life is really, really strange.

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