We are a collective of artists and writers who are constantly communicating and collaborating with the heartbeat of the West Coast, all the while trying to supply it with complete satisfaction.

We grew up in the Bay Area, specifically a region we like to call the “P-Tip“. This area stretches from the northern edge of the city and county of San Francisco, down to the very bottom of the Mid-Penninsula aka San Mateo County (P = Penninsula, and Tip = well, Tip).

We have been at it since 2001, when we started a very popular but small time public access show called “Bwow TV“. It was there at the studio where we received our essential training in all aspects of television production and video editing. We have been refining our talents and learning from our mistakes since and have now moved on from television to film, publications and music production. Mostly self taught since the BwowTV era, we operate on all of our own equipment and are constantly experimenting on ourselves and others to stay ahead of the game and keep dem minds a-rollin.

The Starting Line-Up for YOUR 2008 P-Tip Productions Crew:

Philippe Van Lieu / Co-Founder, Director, Editor, Writer and Comic-Artist
Aaron Van Lieu / Co-Founder, Director, Camera-man, Editor, Make-up Artist and Illustrations
Paul Schroeder / Actor, Voice-Over talent, Camera-man and Writer
Dave Velasco / Photographer, Illustrator, Graphics and Writer
Aaron Medders / Composer and Music Producer
Martin Madden / Camera-man, Composer and Sound Engineer

Some of our directoral influences are:
• Werner Herzog
• Ridley Scott
• Vincent Gallo
• James Cameron
• Jim Jarmusch
• Paul Verhoven
• John Carpenter
• Spike Jonze (as well as Jones)
• Harmony Korine
• David Lynch
• Wes Anderson
• Chris Cunningham

Some of our clients include:
• TLC (The Learning Channel)
• Get Low Recordz
• PCT: Pacifica Community Television
• Outt Da Gutta Multi-Media